With the cost of getting into a brick and mortar restaurant, buying a mobile kitchen makes so much sense. Our brand new custom mobile kitchens trailers range from just $20k to $100k depending on length and equipment. Every trailer is custom to meet your needs as a chef. We also customize traditional food trucks weather you provide the truck or we provide the truck. However more and more chefs are finding that a mobile kitchen in a trailer offers more space, storage, flexibility and functionality. If your food truck has mechanical problems, your business is shut down but with a mobile kitchen trailer you just hook it up to another tow vehicle and you are back out there. Because we custom build them from the ground up you can have any length trailer you want.

We also build custom tail gate trailers with sound systems, up to 70 inch LCD screen t.v.s, b.b.q.'s, kegerators, satellite receivers for Dish or Directv, and anything else your imagination wants to put in it. These units are great for your next outdoor function at the ball park or just at the lake camp site.

If your company rents out high end portapottis we have the answer. We offer custom two stall (mens and womens) mobi portapotis with high end finishes like granite, wood, lighting fixtures, beautiful wash basins, etc. These are perfect for weddings, parties, high end functions. We can also produce simple portapotis too.

You will love the quality of our build. We do not use exterior rivets so your graphic wrap will be flawless. We diamond plate all the floors, we can customize anything inside or outside. Many of our clients have chosen to add unique features to their units such as 60 inch display lcd tv's with exterior speakers and satellite reception, interior restrooms, interior closets or storage areas, adjusting the standard equipment to different equipment, selecting different types of generators (gas, propane, or diesel), lighting interior or exterior, enclosing the tongue area, enlarging or shortening the windows, creating a back yard for your custom bbq or patio, and so much more. Every unit is different and no two are the same. We work with you to ensure your unit will not only meet your states health department requirements but will meet you needs too.

Food trailers are a great way to expand your franchise too. If you own a restaurant and want to increase your exposure, offer on site catering, or need another location or are looking to open a franchised restaurant and want a great way to get out to where the people are without the expense and commitment of a brick and mortar restaurant a food trailer is your answer.

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